6 Amazing TED Talks For Marketers

Internet marketing is not only research, statistics, charts, target audience analysis, strategy, and case studies. These are also amazing ideas, without which nothing will work. And the best platform for spreading ideas is the TED conference. We’ve rounded up six of the most outstanding TED talks that every marketer should watch

Best TED Talks For Marketers

Here are the top six of them:

Paul Kemp-Robertson

He is the founder of Contagious Communications and talked about the future of currency. Any currency is based on trust in banks and the state, but with the development of marketing technologies, new virtual types of currency began to appear that brands create. These are bonuses, air miles, game points, and so on. For example, 30% of purchases at Starbucks are made with Star Points, and there are more unspent air miles in the world than dollars in circulation.

From this lecture you will learn:

  • How do virtual currencies appear and what is their future?
  • What is bitcoin?
  • How do real products replace money?
  • How many people use virtual currency?

Seth Godin

He is a Marketer and author of business books. Godin discussed how to spread your ideas in this innovative world. He has also been a speaker at a CMO Summit and several other conferences. According to him, people have too little time to assimilate all the information that surrounds them, so they are used to ignoring a lot. Seth Godin talked about why strange and, at first glance, useless ideas work better than mundane ones.

Rory Sutherland

He is a Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group, UK. The main agenda of his talk was the role of advertisement. Advertising often goes beyond a simple description of a product and its characteristics; it endows the product with additional values ​​- emotional associations. Usually, marketers achieve this through an image that is based on personal experiences or insights of the target audience.

Joseph Pine

He is a business consultant and discussed the wants and needs of customers in his TED talk. Joseph Pine, author of Mass Customization: The New Frontier of Competitiveness, describes how the global economy has changed from agrarian, industrial, and individual to the experience economy.

From this lecture you will learn:

  • What is authenticity in marketing?
  • Why are modern consumers looking for it?
  • Why brands can’t sell it?

Sheena Iyengar

She is a Professor at Columbia University. In the TED talk, she explained how to make the choice easier. People dream of products and services specially designed for them, but as soon as there is a choice of hundreds of different options, they are horrified. This phenomenon is also called “choice paralysis”, when the abundance of options at first inspires, but then repels because of the fear of choosing not the best.

Dan Cobley

He is a business partner of Blenheim Chalcot Venture Fund. He explained the role of physics in marketing. It seems that physics and marketing have nothing in common, however, the former director of marketing at Google believes otherwise. Dan Cobley talks about how Newton’s second law, thermodynamics and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle will help you understand the fundamentals of branding.

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