5 Underrated Motorhome Accessories

RVing is one of the most wholesome activities you can take on with your family. For many, it is a way of life and a full-time job. For others, it is a hobby that allows them to get away from the city without abandoning many of the amenities available at home.

However, when buying supplies for their next trip, many campers tend to overlook some motorhome accessories that more often than not can be total lifesavers.

Let’s take a look at some of them

Multi-purpose straps
Having the ability to quickly secure a raft of items and supplies is extremely important, especially while you´re on the move. Even when we go the extra mile and tie everything up for a completely tight ride, things start getting loose with every passing mile. So, having a few multi-purpose straps at hand will help keep everything in place. We´ve seen it used for anything you can imagine. Securing extension cords, keeping bike locks in place, or strapping tools together. The best part is that they can be used at home or in your garage too, so they’re incredibly versatile.

A Reliable Fire Starter
If you plan on going off the grid, you better carry with you the means to start a fire reliably. Most campers know to bring matches or flint with them. However, a magnesium fire starter is always your best bet. They are reliable, so you know you´re going to have a fire exactly when you want it. They are also safer as they are fireproof, and they provide a good spark even in damp conditions.

A Multi-Function Shovel
Most campers know the importance of always having a set of tools with them. However, packing saws, axes, hammers, and the works, is not always a good idea as there is only so much space inside your RV. Moreover, you don’t want to exceed your carrying capacity.

A multi-function folding camp shovel is the perfect tool for campers who want to be prepared for anything but want to save up space and travel light. They can help you dig a trench or clear up a space in no time, but also come with various handy features. A serrated edge allows you to saw roots or wood, a sharp edge gives you some chopping power, and the small notch on the tip is great for pulling nails or stakes. The heavy-duty steel construction even allows you to do some cooking on them if you´re short on cooking pans. That’s not recommended but we´ve seen it happen.

A lot of people only learn the importance of a tarp sheet only after disaster strikes. Tarpaulin can be used to protect vital gear under harsh weather, serve as reinforcement if one of your tents is ripped, or use it to collect clean water.

There are plenty of other uses for it, even if you don’t expect rain. You can fancy a fast windbreak with quality tarp and a few tools, or if you brought your 4WD with you, you can use the tarp as a waterblind in case you need to cross a deep river.

Collapsible Sink
Collapsible sinks are the best invention since sliced bread. No more bringing your dirty platters and cutlery in and wasting away your water supply to do the dishes. A collapsible sink allows you to get everything clean and squeaky, and it does not take up precious storage space.

All these vital motorhome accessories can be found at RVupgrades.com along with other incredible and lifesaving RV items that make camping a breeze. Visit their website today and browse through their extensive catalog of motorhome accessories, and start camping like a pro.

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