5 Things You Should Learn About Land Surveying Services in Calgary

According to the Calgary real estate board, the real estate market is booming due to the increase in demand versus supply, a beautiful surprise to property owners.

So, to reap the fruits of your investment, it’s time to put your Calgary property on the market and enjoy a significant ROI.

And when you find an ideal buyer, make sure you agree to get land surveying services in Calgary so both sides can acquire current detailed information about the property. Doing so is an integral part of any real estate transaction that will benefit the seller and the buyer.

But what is a land survey all about?

Things to Know About Surveying Property
Before participating in any real estate transaction, buyers and sellers must confirm the property’s details in question. Therefore getting land surveying services in Calgary should be your priority.

But first, here are five things about land surveys that you need to know.

1. Land surveys are essential even when you’re not planning on selling your property.
You might think you don’t need to survey your land because you’re not selling your parcel of land in Calgary. But, contrary to this belief, land surveys are pretty helpful no matter the situation. For example, it can help settle disputes and be a guide when you plan on improving your property. It is also required by certain government agencies when land development is necessary.

2. Land surveys are complex.
With a great deal of work done and the challenges surveyors face during the process, it’s pretty understandable how land surveys can be complex.

To execute their jobs successfully, surveyors go through intensive research and training. Furthermore, they complete the land surveying process with specialized equipment that requires. Depending on the site being surveyed, this process can take weeks to complete.

There are six types of land surveys.
Yes, there are different land surveys, and each provides additional information taken through various means. These types are used for a variety of purposes, too.

The six types are as follows:

● Boundary Survey

● Construction Survey

● Location Survey

● Topographic Survey

● Subdivision Survey

● Site Planning

Surveyors are liable for the survey for five to ten years.
The results of a land survey can endure anywhere from five to ten years. If you haven’t surveyed your property in a long time, it’s better to hire a reputable surveyor to do so and offer you up-to-date information.

However, when there are inaccuracies detected on the survey, the surveyor will be held liable for costs resulting from errors.

You can’t dictate professional surveyors.
Just because you acquired their services doesn’t mean you can get what you want when it comes to your property.

To identify the boundaries of your property, surveyors examine facts such as records and physical evidence. They could be sued if they tamper with the data. As a result, don’t expect them to help you.

Although these facts can make you feel overwhelmed with information, you can feel confident when working with your licensed survey company to provide accurate results.

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