5 Surprising Advantages Of Creating A Wikipedia Account

Wikipedia is an excellent website for information about any famous personality, organization, business, or brand. The no-sign-up policy is one of its greatest features of it. Unlike other websites, Wikipedia doesn’t force users to sign up or create an account to read articles and pages.

Although even if the site doesn’t force its audience, there are many accounts on Wikipedia. People create their accounts on the site because of the advantages it offers to the members.

You can also avail of these advantages by creating a profile on Wikipedia. You can create your page by yourself or by availing of any wiki page creation agency service, editing the article by choosing your preferences, and much more. Wonder what more the website has to offer? Then below is the list of the advantages of creating a Wikipedia account

The Hovercards

A single article on Wikipedia contains multiple links to other articles and pages. Some are worthy of reading, while some are just good to know the context and move on. But how can you figure out which article to click in these multiple links? That is where the hovercard option arrives. It is available for the signed-up members.

This allows the readers to know a brief context of the link without clicking it. When you hover the mouse over the link, a preview pane like a small card will appear with the article’s introductory paragraphs and the main image. It can help save your time clicking all the links individually. You can justify it as a plugin, but you don’t have to install anything.

The Suggested Read

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. There are plenty of options to learn something new through this platform daily. Wikipedia has related page features for the readers. It is a super useful addition. It shows suggested articles at the bottom of every page. If you are reading about anything on Wikipedia, you can check out the relevant articles to read and get a well know-how about the topic.

The logic and reasoning that are being used here are that if the readers reach the bottom of the page, it means he is really interested in the topic and might want something more to explore about it.

Control The Links Opening

Wikipedia has several resources and depends on citations from reliable external resources. But just because you want to check the citation on the page doesn’t mean that you are done with it. You just require a simple trick to open all the external pages into a new tab.

You can activate it by going to preferences – gadgets – browsing – open external links into a new tab or window.

Similarly, if you want to open a new article while continuing the one you are reading. Then go to the search bar, type in what you want to search, and press CTRL before pressing enter. This will open the search result in a new tab. You can activate it by going to preferences – gadgets – browsing – open search results in a new tab or window when pressing the CTRL-key.  

Edit The Watchlist

The fascinating thing about Wikipedia is that it can be used as your personal bookmark. Now suppose you are reading about the most famous personalities on Wikipedia. You can add other articles related to it to your watchlist to continue reading about the topic later. If you are interested in an ongoing topic, such as any incident or anything, you can add it to your watchlist to get a notification when someone adds or change something on the page. 

The Wikipedia editors are too fast and ambitious that no doubt the website will be the first one to upload any verified update. You can review your watchlist by visiting preferences – watchlist – view and remove the title to your watchlist. 

Hiding The Donation Banner

No doubt Wikipedia is completely free for its users. But you will see a banner on the site once in a year asking you to donate money, so it continues to remain free. Well! The donation and other advertisement banners are always annoying, and if you find them annoying too, you can easily suppress them, but only if you create an account on the site. Not only donation banners, but you can also dodge the other announcement banners from Wikipedia.

You can activate it by visiting preferences – gadgets – browsing – suppress display fundraiser banners.

And to avoid announcements, follow the same path, but after arriving at the browsing tab, check the suppress display of central notices. 


So, these are some of the advantages one can avail of by signing up or creating an account on Wikipedia. You can also discover many of its other features while browsing and reading articles. Including creating a watchlist, different skin options, and more. So, continue reading and gaining knowledge through the platform.

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