5 Smart engagement ring designs for women in UK

A finger ring is a jewellery item that holds a lot of importance when it comes to human relations. An engagement or wedding ring is something that signifies commitment to a partner and is given or exchanged during the engagement or wedding ceremony. An engagement ring is special because it is proof that you are about to get married to the love of your life. There are several designs of engagement ring in the market which are both intricate and basic. A few among them are smartly designed and most women prefer such design because it adds a touch of class to their appearance. Listed below are some of the smart engagement ring designs which are simple yet beautiful.

Solitaire diamond rings

Solitaire diamond rings have been the gold standard when it comes to engagement rings. This is a classic design that never fails to go out of fashion. Its simplicity is something that enables women to wear it comfortably and maintain it too. It consists of a single diamond stone perched on top of a metal band made of platinum or gold. Synthetic diamond rings of this designs are also available which may have a 6 or 4 prong setting.

Three stone engagement ring

For those people who would like to have a little more bling to their engagement rings can opt for the three stone or the trilogy engagement ring. Since the introduction of lab grown diamonds, these rings have become more affordable and more people are opting for this versatile design since they can add more stones to the ring. This design consists of a centre stone that is flanked by s stone of either side which may be of the same shape, size and colour of the centre stone or different.

Tension Set engagement ring

A unique design of engagement ring that has recently gained popularity is the tension set engagement ring. In this ring design, the stone is held in place by the use of compression forces from the ring band. It may look quite precarious but the stone is actually secured very well. This design makes the centre stone appear as if it is floating between the band ends.

Pave set diamond rings

Even though pave set diamonds rings are perfect for anniversaries, they make a great engagement ring too. Pave set rings feature a row of tiny diamonds of the same shape and size that are set on the ring band next to each other. They add an extra bit of sparkle to the ring band and make the ring stand out from the rest. It gives a very simple yet smart look to the engagement ring.

Halo diamond rings

Halo diamonds rings are those which have a diamond halo around the centre stone. Some of the sapphire engagement rings Hatton Garden have a beautiful diamond halo around them which looks stunning and is extremely popular. The centre stone in this design may be of any colour or shape and is surrounded by tiny diamonds that make it appear brighter and more beautiful.

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