5 Great Reasons to Get a Reversible Fur Coat

If you’re thinking about spicing up your wardrobe with a genuine fur coat, don’t cross out the possibility of getting a reversible fur coat. Believe it or not, they have a lot to offer, and more than you might expect.

They’re Warmer (Than Synthetics, That Is)
First, let’s talk about the general advantages of fur. Not only is it indicative of timeless opulence and luxury, it really is better, too.

Furs can be a little bit heavier than space-age synthetic insulation and down, but when it comes to insulation, nothing comes close.

Also, many furs will keep you warm when wet, too, and many are all but windproof, making them warmer than any other alternatives, even in the most unforgiving of conditions.

Two Styles for the Price of One
The above advantage applies to any fur coat – this one is unique to reversible models.

A reversible jacket gives you two styles for the price of one – literally two outfits baked into the same crust.

So think of it this way: you can shell out the money for a genuine fur coat, or you can get two for the price of one. That’s basically what you get with a reversible fur jacket.

Protect Your Fur in Inclement Weather
This is the advantage that doesn’t get fronted nearly enough. You don’t want your fur coat to get wet – so you have little choice but to keep it stored away, safe and sound when the weather turns south.

That is unless you had wisely invested in a reversible fur coat instead. Some reversible jackets have weatherproof interior liners, so if you go out in your fur coat and it’s raining by the time you need to leave, simply turn the coat inside out.

You’ll be just as warm – and you’ll be protecting your fur from moisture and weather-related damage.

They Hold Their Value
Don’t fall prey to the suspicion that a reversible fur coat will not age as nicely as any other. The fact of the matter is that they will and like any high-quality garments (especially fur) they will become true heirlooms that not only hold their value but may appreciate.

They’re Versatile
Another great thing about reversible fur coats is that they’re so much more versatile than non-reversible jackets (fur or otherwise).

Finding out last second that your upcoming engagement is more modest or casual than you expected? Just flip the coat around and you should be good to go!

Where Can You Find a High-Quality Reversible Fur Coat?
Looking for high-quality reversible fur coats making the most of mink, rabbit, fox, sable, chinchilla, and other luxurious furs, leather, and silk? Visit Maximilian.com.

They carry a wide range of exquisite furs – including reversible fur jackets and coats – in an equally diverse array of styles, patterns, cuts, and aesthetics.

Visit their website at Maximilian.com or connect with them on their Instagram or Facebook to see what’s new and to keep up with sales or new releases. A reversible fur jacket is in your future if you play the right cards!

For more information about Bloomingdales Fur Vault and Mink Coats Please visit: Maximilian/BC International Group, Inc.

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