4 Things to Consider When Shopping for Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucets

Touchless technology is an excellent idea and touchless bathroom sink faucets are exactly what we need today. Hard surfaces are key transfer points for germs and viruses, and much of what people put down on a surface can be picked up by the next person who comes along.

So in an age where people share more than spaces and surfaces, touchless fixtures make it possible to avoid germs and cross-contamination.

That’s why touchless faucets are the best solution for reducing cross-contamination. But how do you choose hands-free faucets for your needs? Keep reading and find out.

1. Faucet Activation
Have you ever been in a restroom where the motion sensor faucet won’t turn on when your hands are placed under it and you have to frantically wave your hands?

Finding a touch-free faucet with multiple sensors is the answer. When you wave your hand, your sink should turn on quickly. However, the sensor should not be so sensitive that it activates when someone enters the room.

To find a good sensor bathroom faucet, take the time to read user reviews to pick the best touchless faucet. When you’re reading reviews, pay attention to the number of sensors, accuracy, and sensitivity. Those three are also good questions to ask a salesperson when you’re out and shopping for one.

2. Power Source
A power supply is required for the sensors on your faucet to work. One of the most common is battery-powered faucets.

These kinds of touchless bathroom faucets are often less expensive. However, you must consider how frequently you will need to replace the batteries and how much these would cost. Take note that you may need to change the batteries multiple times a month, depending on how you use your faucet.

So, if you decide to get a battery-operated faucet, consider getting a model with rechargeable batteries. Battery expenses can pile up and get accumulated over time, and you don’t want that.

3. Materials
The inner components of faucets are usually made of materials like brass and zinc. High-quality faucets may make use of brass, which tends to be more expensive than other materials.

For the finish, you may choose from polished chrome-finished, stainless-finished, matte black, copper, and more. There’s a wide range of selections to complement your restroom design.

Whatever design you choose, make sure you go with a reputable brand. Stay away from faucets with cheap materials because not only will they break often and not last long, but the repair parts will also be hard to find, giving you no alternative but to replace the whole equipment. So don’t waste your money on cheap faucets and buy something cost-effective instead.

4. Nice-to-Have Features
Depending on your needs and your budget, you may also opt for touchless faucets with useful smart features.

Some cool features include voice-activated turn on/off, where the faucet will turn on/off with just a voice command.

Others will have a water measurement feature. The faucet will dispense precise volumes of water on demand. You simply set it up and choose the volume of water you want and it will measure the water it dispenses every time in the future.

Many smart faucets also come with built-in shutdown timers that turn off the water after a certain amount of time, such as two or five minutes. This can be useful for those who always forget to turn the water off, like children, for example.

Another great feature is water quality control. A filter may be added to any faucet, but some faucets may already come with filters that use the same filtering technology that water filters have today.

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