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4 Hidden Injuries That Occur During Auto Accidents

Senior beard man injured after bad car crash.

Suffering from an auto accident is a common problem that many drivers face, unfortunately. If you experience an incident like this, you may be unharmed and able to walk, talk, and think clearly at the moment. However, more health complications could arise as the hidden injuries during the auto accident make themselves known. Therefore, based on the situation, it is necessary to monitor your health and seek attention from medical providers, insurance companies, and auto lawyers. 

Back Pain 

Although it may come and go, this type of injury can lead to a herniated disc and often takes weeks to show up following a car wreck. The medical issues may be hidden, but they are serious and can lead to other health problems when left untreated. Medical treatments may be expensive, but you should speak with someone to help you get the compensation you need for prescriptions, surgical treatments, and more. 

Memory Loss 

Difficulty remembering things may be a hidden injury caused by an auto accident. People assume the memory challenges are minor and a primary aspect of life, such as cognitive decline. However, it could be due to brain damage caused by the wreck that leads to confusion. You can notice memory loss, accompanied by headaches, common fatigue, or ringing in the ears. The blows to the head or mild and more severe bumps you experienced during the auto accident may be the cause. 

Internal Bleeding 

The trauma of an auto crash could cause vessels in the body to rupture. When this occurs, the vessels may begin to clot and cannot repair themselves properly. The result is internal bleeding, which can often go unnoticed following an auto incident. Some of the top symptoms of this injury include fatigue, abdominal pain, and chills. Surgical procedures could be necessary when the vessels cannot heal and repair. 

Remember that the symptoms may not become evident until the condition is serious, which is why you should be entitled to medical and financial compensation. Therefore, it is necessary to speak with an auto accident attorney to ensure your needs are met. Auto accident attorneys have the skills and experience needed to help quantify the damages. You may even qualify for financial compensation depending on your case. 

Neck Injuries 

Forceful movements and back and forth cracking toward the neck could lead to injuries hidden during an automobile accident. If you experience throbbing pain or struggle to turn your head or neck from side to side, you have likely suffered this hidden injury. Do not mistake the inability to look down, headaches, or sudden pain as typical challenges. These significant problems could lead to more severe health issues making it difficult to handle personal and professional tasks, which is why legal representation is necessary. 

These are some common hidden injuries caused during an auto accident. It is necessary to monitor your health, even weeks and months following the incident, because many significant car injuries may have a delayed response. Even minor injuries can cause serious problems if they are ignored for too long.



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