21 iPhone 6 Plus Tips & Tricks

Learn to utilize your iPhone 6 Plus better by reading this collection of iPhone 6 Plus tips and tricks that can aid users in understanding the features they can use with the latest iPhone. Its more spacious iPhone 6 Plus screen allows users to more easily utilize certain iPhone features. Apple includes a number of amazing additions to iPhone 6 Plus functions that you may not have noticed in the beginning if you’re not familiar with the iPhone.

Utilize iOS iOS 9 or iOS 9.2 to make more use of the features using the iPhone 6 Plus. You’ll require iOS 8 or iOS 9 installed on your iPhone 6 Plus and you will require installing OS X Yosemite or OS X El Capitan on your Mac to access these options.

A majority all of the iPhone 6 Plus tips and tricks work straight out of the box however, you’ll require some accessories and apps to use some aspects of these iPhone 6 Plus tips that use Touch ID or your HDTV.There is no need to study all of the iPhone 6 Plus manual to become an expert of this gadget.

 Keep reading to discover how the iPhone 6 Plus features work and the features you can use accomplish with the brand new iPhone 6 Plus.A few tips and tricks from the iPhone 6 Plus tips and tricks we’ll demonstrate are already on You just have to turn them on, while others require you to configure to work on your iPhone 6 Plus and on other devices.Here’s our growing collection of iPhone 6 Plus tips, tricks, and secret features.

Use the iPhone 6 Plus One-Handed

It’s the iPhone 6 Plus is a big device that is difficult to use using one hand There is however an integrated tool that makes use of your iPhone 6 Plus easier when you aren’t able to use the other hand.Double-tap the home button to activate Reachability.

 Don’t pressit, just tap it as you would do on an iPhone screen. This will lower the iPhone 6 Plus screen down so that you can see the upper corners without having to hold your iPhone 6 Plus in your hands.See this live in the video above with the iPhone 6 that also supports this feature that allows one hand use.

Slow Motion Video on the iPhone 6 Plus

You can record ultra-slow motion videos on iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 Plus at 240 frames per second. This means you record videos at extremely slow speeds, displaying the most dramatic movements at speeds your eye can understand.From a slow-motion video of your child making a score, to a bee buzzing around your lawn or any other occasion, sometimes slow is more effective.

Check out this video to find out how to make use of to use the iPhone 6 Plus slow motion at 240 FPS. You must start Camera app and then slide until you can see an image that is slow and ensure that there is 240 FPS on the top right. After that, record the video as normal and the video will be accompanied by options to begin and stop slow motion, just like this video. gsm tool

iPhone 6 Plus Landscape

The iPhone 6 Plus supports landscape mode, which includes a brand updated landscape keyboard as well as and new designs for apps, and landscape on the main screen. It’s a lot like an iPad but is only accessible only on iPhone 6 Plus.When you’re on the home screen, if you flip your iPhone 6 Plus on the side, you’ll be able to see the apps adapt to the landscape view.

If you open an application such as Mail, Notes or Calendar in landscape, you’ll get more details on the screen just like the iPad.If you’re using the keyboard, you’ll be able to view an updated landscape-oriented keyboard available for iPhone 6 Plus that includes additional punctuation options and shortcuts.

iPhone 6-One-Handed Keyboard

It’s necessary to purchase an external keyboard to function and if you’re using an iPhone 6 Plus on the move a lot and you’re looking for a keyboard that’s comfortable, then you’ll be Phone 6 Plus one-handed keyboard.

Apple does not offer this feature on either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus as a default feature, so you’ll have to visit the App Store and purchase one. In this case, we’re using the the One Handed Keyboard from Terry Demco. 

It costs $1.99 on the App Store and comes with options to alter the color.Watch the video above to understand the process and learn how to activate this one-handed iPhone 6 Plus keyboard. This guide to take a look into how to switch and use iPhone 6 Plus keyboards.

Touch ID for Passwords

Touch ID allows you to access your iPhone 6 Plus and make purchases on iTunes however, it is able to do more. If you download an application such as LastPass and 1Password, you can utilize the latest Safari extensions to sign into websites you’re using LastPass or 1Password.

Better iPhone 6 Plus Battery Life

For the majority of users, the iPhone 6 Plus battery life is longer than a whole day however if something wrong, the battery is going to drain faster and result in a dead battery within hours. You’ll be able to tell if something is wrong when your iPhone 6 Plus is hot throughout the day or you see the same amount as standby.

Track Steps, Stairs and Health

The iPhone 6 Plus includes a sensors that keep track of your steps, the number of steps you take and much more , all without purchasing any accessories or applicationsLaunch the Health app on the iPhone 6 Plus home screen and then tap Health Data, Fitness and select the options you would like to display at the top of the screen.Check out the video above to find out how it functions for iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 Plus.

Change Vibration Alerts

There are some issues with the iPhone 6 Plus vibrations are extremely loud, and at times, they’re more loud than the ringer in the iPhone 6 Plus. When the iPhone 6 Plus is on silent, a call or text message can disturb meetings and wake the spouse who is sleeping near.

Make sure you connect the iPhone 6 Plus to your HDTV

If you wish to display the iPhone 6 Plus screen on larger screens, you can make use of an iPhone 6 Plus and an Apple TV to mirror the display or to AirPlay games or video on the large screen.You will need to buy an Apple TV at $69 or $149, and once you’re in the same space, you can access Control Center and select AirPlay and then Apple TV for it to display your HDTV’s screen.

Arrange Your Apps Better for the iPhone 6 Plus

It’s a pain to reach for the upper right corner of your iPhone 6 Plus, or the upper left if you are holding the phone with your right hand. Instead of reaching for Reachability each time, it’s much easier to organize your apps in a way that you’re able to reach them using your thumb every time

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