18 Tips You Can Adopt to Become A Published Writer

Most newbie writers give up on their idea of publishing a book because they fear the challenges. However, you can easily become a published writer if you follow the eighteen actionable tips mentioned in this blog – keep reading to find out more!

1.  Get help from professionals

As a writer, you cannot expect to be the best editor, graphic designer, and marketing agent all at the same time. You should be willing to get help from experts if you need help. For example, if you are writing a book in the legal niche, you should find legal proofreaders who can rectify mistakes in your manuscript.

2.  Become an avid reader

Reading allows you to learn how to put your words in sentences the right way. You should try to read more books in the specific genre in which you are writing your book. Set some time aside for reading in your daily routine, so your reading habits don’t interfere with your daily routine.

3.  Create outlines

Starting with an outline can help you write an amazing book without wasting your time. Many writers think they should start writing “freely” without an outline. However, with an outline, you can easily keep yourself on track and avoid writing about random topics. Make sure you develop an outline before you write a single word.

4. Overcome perfectionism

As a writer, you might think about writing the “best” book people have ever read. Remember that such a mindset cannot help you finish your book. You have to accept that mistakes are a part of life. Get rid of perfectionism so you can write instead of worrying about your shortcomings.

5.  Avoid procrastination

Missing the writing goals you set for yourself won’t help you become a good writer. You should create an actionable writing routine and stick to it to avoid perfectionism and achieve your writing goals. You should also remove distractions from your life that stop you from writing regularly.

6. Set achievable goals

Creating a writing schedule doesn’t mean that you have to set unrealistic goals. You should always try to break down your long-term writing goals into small achievable goals you can achieve in a limited time. You can start tracking time spent on your daily activities to ensure that you don’t waste your time and effort.

7. Remove distractions

Random distractions can stop you from achieving your life goals. You should try to get rid of distractions to ensure that you achieve the writing goals you set for yourself.

Removing distractions is not as difficult as you might think. You should get started with identifying the distractions you face, and then you should overcome them as soon as you can.

8. Write for a social cause

You can participate in improving society, sharpen your writing skills, and increase your readership by writing for a social cause.

Sharing your opinions on how the world can become a better place is your right. Try finding publications that allow novice writers to write opinion pieces about ongoing social issues.

9. Participate in contests

One of the best ways you can sharpen your writing skills is by participating in contests. Competing with other writers and trying to captivate your judges pushes your creative limits. You get the chance of writing under strict guidelines and a time frame, which allows you to polish your writing skills.

10. Grow your network

Networking allows you to connect with other writers and prominent people in the publishing industry. Having influential people in your circle can help you get things done. For example, if you connect with a publishing agent through networking, it will become easier for you to get published in the future.

11. Build your social presence

You have to create a positive brand online if you want to become an established writer. Getting followers online allows you to share your creative writing and your opinions with people. Make sure you build your social media page and start interacting with people online as soon as you can.

12. Sharpen your writing skills

If you think of yourself as a “writer,” it doesn’t mean that you have the best writing skills. It’s your responsibility to evaluate your writing skills from time to time to identify how you can overcome your writing mistakes. You can join a writing class to polish your writing skills in the shortest possible time.

13. Find your genre

Getting published can become easier for you if you pick a genre and stick to it. Things will only get difficult for you as a writer if you try to get your hands on all genres. Make sure you choose the genre you like the most and explore it as much as you can.

14. Maintain work-life balance

Being a writer doesn’t mean that you have to write 24/7 and only think about getting published. You should draw boundaries between your personal and professional life so you can avoid physical and mental health problems. Create a schedule for writing and stick with it to enjoy your life to the fullest.

15. Think about your readers

You should always keep your readers in mind whenever you get down to the writing process. The book you write should resonate with your audience and provide value to them. Make sure you identify what people like the most in your genre and respect the preferences of your audience.

16. Understand the publication process

The publication process is not as easy as some writers think. There are so many stakeholders involved in the publication process, and you have to familiarize yourself with all those people to get your book published. Make sure you connect with people in the publishing industry and ask other writers about how they tackled the publication process.

17. Embrace the rejections

Getting rejected by a publisher doesn’t mean the end of the world. Keep in mind that you will have to face rejections, and it’s totally normal in the publishing industry. Don’t lose hope when your book is rejected and try pitching to as many publishers as you can.

18. Get help from an agent

The publication process can get easier for you if you get help from an agent. A skilled agent will identify your specific needs and help you get connected with the right publisher. You can explore different online forums to link up with publication agents.

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